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About Star Radiology Healthcare


Star Radiology was envisioned to provide corporate style healthcare to one and all and make medical services accessible to the local communities. We are committed to setting new standards in the delivery of comprehensive, efficient and cost-effective health care services with a commitment to high quality patient care

Our world-class equipment

We constantly push to be at the forefront of diagnostic imaging technologies. Our comprehensive range of innovative procedures touch on every medical diagnostic discipline, with high-definition laboratory facilities and digital imagery allowing us to view the body more clearly than ever before.

Our outstanding support and care

We appreciate how traumatic waiting for a diagnosis can be. That's why we aim to offer appointments within 24 hours and have full reports ready within 6 hours. And through the whole process you will have access to the cream of medical professionals. Distinguished radiologists, expert consultants, renowned cardiologists and attentive nurses; each one is dedicated to treating you as an individual. The result of all this is something patients and referral clinics will welcome. A quick, efficient diagnosis and faster route to treatment.


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